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VergeWorld: Icarus

a sci-fi shoot'em up, racer game with exploration elements.

VergeWorld: Icarus Rising is a demo version, in which you prove your worth by completing the infamous Death Run challenge. Only this way you can convince the Revolt to accept you as one of them. Don't hesitate. Download the demo and show them who is the best pilot in the region called Caelum Sector! 

The game is designed to work on:
Amiga - Atari - Macintosh - Sega - Switch - Steam 

Footage from Amiga 3000 gameplay.

What is VergeWorld?

In the distant future, on the distant, inhospitable planet, mankind engages in one thing it knows well - war. The tyrannical, corporate regime wants to enslave all inhabitants of the Kingdom - humanity’s new home. As a young smuggler, Nix, aboard the aircraft Icarus you want to help the oppressed by joining the Revolt.

Want to play?

Click the button below to download VergeWorld: Icarus Rising demo and check whether you're good enough to join the fight!

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